Paweł Mańka Semiotic
Quintet – Kubizm

“The quintet’s music is engaging and heterogeneous. The musicians are subordinated to the narrative of the piece, but their playing reflects a refined sensitivity and awareness of sound. (…) Very consistent and an exceptionally successful debut”

-Jędrzej Janicki (JazzPress)

“Guitarist Paweł Mańka’s Semiotic Quintet conjures a splintered Harlem ballroom daubed with Polish Expressionism”

-Nick Hasted (Jazzwise)

“Paweł Mańka is undoubtedly one of the outstanding jazz guitarists and composers of the young generation in our country.”

-Dominik Wania

“He is currently one of the most interesting composers of the young jazz scene in Poland. In his works one can find surprising ideas and solutions regarding the form, harmony and functions of individual instruments in an ensemble.”

-Rafał Sarnecki

composer & guitarist

Inspired by perceiving the surrounding reality as a complex coexistence of order and chaos, Paweł Mańka combines the concepts often found in contemporary classical works with the freedom and rhythmical language of modern improvised music. His compositions embrace dense, multi-layered and precisely notated structures, which provide unique opportunities for spontaneous and unconventional improvisations. This interplay results in an organic and intuitive amalgam of musical textures, that follow a strong inner logic.